Positive Promotions has staff pins with exclusive themes. We make it easy for you to hand out rewards and incentives displaying themes sure to inspire teamwork and dedication, such as: Do What You Love Love What You Do; Attitude Is A Little Thing That Makes A Big Difference; and One Team One Goal Making A Difference. A little pin can mean a lot when it is presented in a big way, so we mount many of ours on foil-stamped presentation cards with verses of praise.

We are also the leading source for length-of-service and employee of the month pins. We are well known for our packs of handsome lapel pins to award your Employee(s) Of The Month all year. Our set of 12 jewelry-style lapel staff pins, each distinguished by a simulated gemstone and indicating the month of the year, features each pin nestled in its own velvet-lined jewel presentation case.