Here are 4 customer appreciation gift ideas to get you started:

  1. Send an old-school thank-you note
  2. Tell them they’re always “write” with a new spin on the classic thank you note. Send it along with one of our premium pens, gift-boxed and ready to give. Add our deluxe stationery or greeting card packs and you’re all set!

  3. Buy them a cup of coffee
  4. Send one of our appreciation greeting cards with a message about how you'd love to buy them a cup of coffee to show your appreciation. Include one of our gift-boxed coffee mugs and a set of our coffee/tea/cocoa pods, all imprinted with your name and custom logo.

  5. Treat them to gourmet goodies
  6. Send one of our chocolate bar greeting cards with “thanks” imprinted on the candy. Add one of our collector tins filled with candy, nuts, popcorn, or cookies they all can share!

  7. Ship them a box of swag
  8. Print your name or logo on a t-shirt, water bottle, baseball hat, and tote. Fill the tote with these customer appreciation gifts and we'll ship them to your business besties.