Teacher and Staff Recruitment, Retention, and Recognition

When it comes to recruiting new teachers and staff members for your school, let Positive Promotions be your guide! We offer terrific promotional products and custom school giveaways for every need. Shop our customizable apparel to outfit your employees and event volunteers in style. Quality embroidered polo shirts make it easy for event attendees to identify your staff at student and teacher recruitment events, and comfortable custom T-shirts make impressive gifts for new faculty and for boosting school spirit. Remember, when your staff looks good, your school looks great!

From table covers and banners to displays and welcome mats, we carry a large selection of custom displays and decorations to make a professional presentation at open houses and employee job fairs, You'll also find custom take-home bags and folders for holding forms and giveaways at interviews or teacher orientations. In addition, we offer a cost-effective collection of teacher and staff appreciation gifts as well as retention awards, all featuring your school name to present a cohesive and spirited school image your faculty and potential prospects will take pride in displaying.

Assembling a top staff at your school doesn't have to be a difficult process. Take advantage of the low prices and wide selection of premium teacher and staff recruitment products available right here at Positive Promotions. It's a great way to earn top marks for your advertising and recruiting campaigns!