Field Day pens from Positive Promotions are just the “write” tool to inspire kids’ creativity and capture their joyful thoughts about your celebration. Make a fun, educational exercise out of announcing your event by having kids express their enthusiasm in words or pictures. Distribute pens and pencils ahead of the scheduled date and have them write down what they are most looking forward to. Younger children can draw pictures to reflect their thoughts, and afterwards, have kids use their Field Day pens to record their impressions about their experience.

Thank teachers, staff, and volunteers on the day of your special event by presenting them with handy Field Day pens and pencils displaying our exclusive designs. Each time they use their pens, recipients will be reminded of their important contribution in helping to make your occasion a success. We offer a range of styles to meet any need and budget, so don't hesitate to supply yourself with enough writing tools to please everyone and contribute to their fun memories.