Red Ribbon Week Drug Free Slogans

• "Follow Your Dreams: Live Drug Free"
• "Our School Rocks: Bully & Drug Free"
• "Celebrate Red Ribbon Week, Not Just For A Week, But For Life"
• "I Believe In Me: Happy, Healthy & Drug Free"
• "United We Stand Against Bullying and Drugs"
• "My Future Matters, I'm Drug Free"

Here at Positive Promotions, we offer a complete line of Red Ribbon Week ribbons, as well as ribbon pins, stickers, bookmarks, decorations, and other items designed to support the cause and your events. These products will serve as an important part of any drug education and prevention campaign.

Our red satin gold foil-stamped ribbons always make an impression with students and kids. Give them out during Red Ribbon Week to boost awareness about the dangers of drugs and bullying, or to reward children for showing good character and smart choices. We offer the guaranteed lowest prices around on these standout giveaways. Most ribbons are available in two formats: regular ribbons which adhere with safety pins or ribbons with self-stick backing that can be placed easily on clothing, backpacks, and bags.

Whether you are in the market for Red Ribbon Week ribbons for drug prevention or awareness items for other causes such as child abuse, domestic violence, or breast cancer, we can fulfill all of your promotional needs. You'll find hundreds of products featuring ribbon motifs and if you don’t see what you are looking for, we can embellish many of our products with ribbons in the color and slogan you choose.