Red Ribbon Week Drug Free Slogans

• "Strong Together Against Bullying and Drugs"
• "Our School Has SWAG"
• "Celebrate Red Ribbon Week, Not Just For A Week, But For Life"
• "I Believe In Me: Happy, Healthy & Drug Free"
• "United We Stand Against Bullying and Drugs"
• "We Pledge To Be Drug Free"

Red Ribbon Week banners are one of the most effective vehicles for spreading awareness messages throughout your school community. That's because they are colorful, durable, easy to read, and feature slogans that motivate children to say no to drugs and bullying. Available in various shapes and sizes, our Red Ribbon Week banners are constructed of heavy-duty materials to withstand indoor environments or harsh outdoor weather while maintaining their shape and color.

Whether you’re looking to share information about drug or alcohol abuse, inhalants, bullying prevention, or smoking, Positive Promotions has a great selection of school signage to choose from. Use them to decorate for an exciting event or even as Red Ribbon Week door decorations. We also offer special vinyl pledge banners with exclusive motivational slogans as well as room for kids to write their names. Encourage students to sign the poster and pledge their commitment to keep your school bully-free and drug-free all year long.