Schools across the country count on us to help acknowledge students with our perfect attendance awards and incentives. Whether they're given at quarterly ceremonies, end-of-year assemblies, or in the classroom as instant recognition for a job well done, we offer so many ways to inspire students to do their best and help them show pride in their accomplishments with school attendance awards.

Perfect attendance awards are excellent methods of rewarding students for being in school—and on time—every day, which can be crucial to academic success and future goals. Choose from fun themes and stock up on a variety of awards to hand out to different classes or grades.

We also offer special ways to recognize students' academic excellence with honor roll and "A-B" honor roll products like ribbons, certificates, and themed tags with chains, great for handing out at Honors assemblies and awards ceremonies. You'll also find a unique selection of Student Of The Month awards in colorful designs they'll wear with pride.