From Celebrate Red Ribbon Week Not Just For A Week But For Life to Keeping Our Paws Off Drugs, this distinctive collection of Red Ribbon Week bookmarks is a great way to put your messages in the hands of students and children. The colorful designs and special die-cut shapes will stand out as kids mark pages in books or textbooks, and will remind them to always show positive behavior in all facets of their lives.

The most vital resource in the fight against bullying and drugs is other children. Two-sided Red Ribbon-themed bookmarks from Positive Promotions will help continue that fight in your school and in the community. Featuring exclusive anti-drug and anti-bully slogans, as well as important tips and reminders kids can read over and over, they make excellent rewards for showing kindness or great giveaways at drug and bully prevention events.

For children that achieve behavior goals or for rewarding avid readers, our Red Ribbon Week bookmarks are always an appropriate choice. From reinforcing positivity to character-building exercises, bookmarks keep your lessons in view—and on the same page as your budget!