Here at Positive Promotions, we stock hundreds of anti-drug products and merchandise to help you get the message across in a fun, educational, and memorable way. Our Red Ribbon Week giveaways come in a variety of colors and themes, with several different drug-free messages to choose from. Sports balls and flyer discs are great for motivating and encouraging students. Always popular with kids and students, lollipops and treat packs offer sweet reminders to live drug- and bully-free. Trendy fidget spinners and cool sunglasses keep your messages in view of everyone. Whatever promotional giveaways or rewards you're looking for, we've got you covered.

Red Ribbon Week is nationally recognized and honored across the country. You can help spread the word to students about drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse with any number of Red Ribbon Week handouts. Our custom products are perfect for school giveaways or prizes and can help educate and motivate students at cost-effective prices while promoting your school name and drug-free programs all year long.

We help you join the fight against drugs and alcohol with our Red Ribbon Week products and supplies, all affordable incentives that will encourage kindness and good character. Help teach awareness, set an example, and inspire others to be drug-free with this essential selection of Red Ribbon Week promotional giveaways.