Giving out academic bracelets to students is a terrific way of rewarding and acknowledging their achievements. Whether handed out to winning sports teams or for participation in athletic events such as swim meets, these colorful awards always make an impression on peers and teachers.

Class bracelets from Positive Promotions can be worn to identify certain grades as well as groups like Student Council or Citizenship leaders, not only for their accomplishments but to show spirit and group unity. School bracelets can be worn at assemblies and ceremonies, as well as open houses and recruitment fairs to display school pride.

Award bracelets are extremely popular with students who exhibit good character during kindness events throughout the year, as well as those whose academic performances go above and beyond. We even offer trendy chain link bracelets that recognize star pupils, excellent readers, and those students whose accomplishments can often go overlooked. However you choose to reward students, take time to browse our academic bracelets and find the perfect fit for your school.