In today's schools, celebrating the birthday of a student in the classroom can be fun, but with food allergies affecting more than 8 million children nationwide, extra attention must be paid. From peanut and gluten allergies to sugar and sweets, most facilities are banning the sharing of treats like cookies and cupcakes on birthdays, as well as goody bags of candy. This makes recognizing the birthday student an important undertaking in your school.

Positive Promotions is here to help, with a selection of colorful happy birthday awards that will appeal to children of all ages. Bright ribbons featuring gold foil designs always help the birthday star stand out. We even offer self-stick ribbons to help with safety for younger grades. Our colorful birthday dog tags make cool keepsakes that can be worn around the neck, or even attached to backpacks. There are also stickers, pencils, and more happy birthday gifts that will bring a smile to their face as they celebrate their special day with peers and fellow students.