Reading Awards & Library Awards to Recognize Student Achievement

From best sellers to page-turners, reading is one of the most exciting pastimes students and children can undertake. Not only will they need to read for educational purposes, but it's important they take on outside reading in order to inspire their minds and keep them motivated. That's why we here at Positive Promotions are proud to offer a selection of reading awards and library awards to recognize reading achievement for kids of all ages.

You'll discover a wealth of unique rewards to inspire students' efforts and reading progress. From water bottles, silicone bracelets, and pencils to bookmarks, t-shirts, and more great products they can use every day, we offer great motivational tools to help kids to keep reading. There are also certificates, award plaques, and tags to hand out during end-of-year ceremonies or assemblies. In addition, we offer special pencil collections and reward value packs so you can have reading and library awards on hand all year long.

Most of our reading awards feature exclusive themes and designs that will appeal to students, at prices that are friendly to your school's budget. You can point readers towards the possibility of a bright future with the goal Today A Reader, Tomorrow A Leader; get their reading skills in tune with Reading Rocks!; celebrate the Star Reader in any grade or class; and more unique confidence-building slogans. There are also special monthly tags for students who reach their reading goals, a great idea for inspiring younger readers.

Whatever academic awards you need, from reading to test taking, trust Positive Promotions to help you recognize student achievement in reading and library studies, and reward their accomplishments in an unforgettable way!