Black History Month pens and pencils from Positive Promotions are great choices when you need items for distributing to those participating in your events or to students in your school. Great for test-taking, writing notes, or keeping handy at reception areas, our pencils feature exclusive slogans and wraparound designs that stand out during Black History Month in February or any day of the year.

We offer a wide selection of colorful pens and pencils to use as gifts for members of the community or congregation, or to hand out as unique student rewards. Kids love heat-sensitive pencils that change color with the heat of their hands. Our sparkle foil pencils and colorful pens always draw attention to the messages they present, whether it's a quote from a famous African-American leader or a list of important figures in African-American history.

All our pencils are #2 standard and feature soft erasers, so they're ideal for test taking and homework, or for everyday use. You'll also find pens and pencil collections that make it even easier to hand out rewards to the entire classes or grades. Stock up today on Black History Month pens and pencils, and each time your recipients write, they'll notice the motivational message or inspirational quote at their fingertips.