From the supply closet to the desktop, filling your school with teacher supplies and gifts can ensure your team will be ready for just about anything! We offer a wealth of cost-effective solutions, including stationery items like clipboards and stylus pens, plus pen and pencil sets that are great for both everyday use and as keepsake gifts for years of service or special rewards for Teacher Appreciation Week.

For more must-have supplies, you'll find personalized lanyards and badge holders that not only help your staff carry ID, but also identity your school in a snap and offer security in the workplace. Teachers will love our daily academic planners, complete with everything from calendars and daily activities to inspirational quotes. They can also use colorful notebooks, notepads, and journals, many of which feature colorful teacher appreciation slogans.

Whichever teacher supplies you're searching for, you've come to the right place! With over 70 years of experience, Positive Promotions is proud to bring you educational supplies, incentives, and gifts to recognize your teachers and staff, plus keep them supplied with the right tools to help them succeed.