School Bus Safety Week is the perfect time to raise students' bus safety awareness and to educate bus drivers on how to manage and maintain safety for all with budget-friendly student giveaways and incentives. Say thank you to bus drivers and staff for their professionalism and dedication to delivering students to school safely with appreciation gifts. We also offer personalized school bus safety giveaways that are the perfect tools when looking to recruit new bus drivers and for transportation companies to promote their services to school districts.

Shop our indispensible selection and you'll discover unique ways to raise school bus safety awareness at your school and in the community, and to promote responsible school bus ridership. Hand out stickers, bookmarks, pencils, and silicone bracelets that reward and reinforce responsible behavior on your school buses. With educational activities books, bookmarks, backpacks, stickers, and more great giveaway items, Positive Promotions has the school bus safety promotional products you need to educate kids all about bus safety and recognize your dedicated drivers and staff during National School Bus Safety Week.