March is Women's History Month

The increased focus on women's key role in creating the history of the USA is prevalent in today's schools and society. Positive Promotions has developed a collection of promotional products that mark not only the impact and importance of women, but also Women's History Month, celebrated each year during the month of March.

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For hundreds of years, women's history was virtually unknown in both schools and the community at large. In the late 1970s, the movement towards recognizing a Women's Week celebration began to grow, finally reaching the government. Spurred by members of the National Women's History Project and a number of women's and girl's organizations, the call for an official event grew even further, leading to President Jimmy Carter issuing the first Presidential Proclamation of a National Women's History Week.

As the event's popularity increased, more and more states adopted March as Women's History Month. This evolution led educational and women's groups, as well as individuals, to lobby Congress to declare the entire month as National Women's History Month, which occurred in 1987. Now, every year a special Presidential Proclamation is issued in celebration of the extraordinary achievements of American women.