Team up with Positive Promotions to alert students about the negative effects of bullying at school, in the playground, on the school bus, plus cyberbullying on the internet and through social media. Help reinforce your educational and awareness messages with anti bullying kits and raffle packs featuring a wealth of great products with exclusively designed themes that promote kindness, friendship, and respect.

October is Bullying Prevention Month, but the specter of bullying exists all year long both in and out of school. With our anti bullying products on hand, educating kids and young adults can be an informative and beneficial experience. You can reach entire classes or grades at once during school assemblies, bully prevention seminars, or classroom visits from the principal. We offer kits for all ages, ranging from kindergarten through high school, and many parents will appreciate the caring and support you show for anti bullying programs.

Best of all, since most of our kits feature various products displaying matching anti bullying themes, you can create your own mini packs for handing out as rewards and swag to students and children in the community. As they receive multiple items with special bully prevention messages, youngsters will learn the importance of always showing good character and kindness, as well as living a bully-free life.