Help build a Growth Mindset in schools and at home with essential educational resources for students and parents. Based on decades of groundbreaking research by Stanford Professor Carol Dwek, Ph.D., this collection of products show how people of all ages can build intelligence, foster resiliency, and succeed in nearly every area of life.

Through positive affirmation and inspiration, students who have a Growth Mindset believe they can improve their abilities with hard work and by changing the way they perceive challenges and mistakes. Positive Promotions offers bookmarks, magnets, posters, and folders that feature Growth Mindset phrases compared to self-defeating beliefs. In addition, parents can enjoy the special Bilingual Guide that explains the concept in detail and features tips for raising smart and successful children.

Following a Growth Mindset can lead to greater effort and academic strides among students at nearly any grade level and any age. Our colorful designs stand out in any setting and draw attention to the important lessons they display. Boost your own students' or child's confidence with the encouraging educational resources available right here in our Growth Mindset collection.