Earth Day in April is an important time to stress to children and adults how vital it is to keep the planet safe. Motivate everyone to reduce waste, reuse products whenever possible, and recycle paper, plastic and anything else they can. Respecting the planet is a great learning experience for young and old alike, and here you'll find all the Earth Day products you need to get your message across.

We carry a wide selection of eco-friendly mugs, stadium cups, and drinkware so your brand—and your planet-safe program—can be carried nearly anywhere. Our handy kitchen gadgets made from recyclable material can be used over and over to cut down on waste. And we have Earth Day planters and seed kits that not only help recipients "think green", but also make excellent appreciation gifts for everyone from teachers to nursing assistants to customer service reps.

All these products—and more—make terrific Earth Day handouts at schools, community centers, and workplaces when you're trying to stress keeping the environment safe so everyone can enjoy a brighter future with a healthy planet. Let Positive Promotions be your one-stop source for boosting brand awareness and Earth Day education every day of the year.