It's believed a discarded Styrofoam cup can remain in landfill space close to 500 years before it fully decomposes. Shockingly, plastic bottles may take close to 700 years, which is why it's more important than ever to stress recycling and reusing in your school, organization, or community. Our wide assortment of Earth Day mugs, travel tumblers, and stadium cups are guaranteed to get your planet-safe message across without harming your budget.

We offer BPA-free custom travel mugs for commuters and sales staff, durable lunch mugs for team members and students, and refillable tumblers for moms and fitness buffs that are lightweight and eco-friendly. There are also Earth Day cups and mugs for students to use at Field Day or employees to get at company picnics. From recognition gifts and tradeshow giveaways to health fair handouts, there's always a reason to get Earth Day mugs.