Posters are known for being a time-honored and extremely effective means of keeping a message prominently displayed for all to see. Black History Month posters placed around your school or organization will attract the attention of students, teachers, and staff, stirring up enthusiasm for upcoming lessons and activities.

Black History Month posters from Positive Promotions feature information on outstanding African-American leaders and humanitarians, as well as noteworthy events and inventions. You can use these resources and other classroom rewards embellished with our exclusive themes as motivation for students to do their best today and in the future, or as welcome gifts for new members of your church community.

In addition to posters sold individually, we have money-saving assortment packs for display at school or to distribute for kids to hang up at home for a lasting reminder of their black history lessons! Also popular are our educational black history activities books, many of which come with free posters. Shop our selection of Black History Month posters today to ensure you're all set for February and throughout the year.