We carry flu prevention pins and other health and wellness promotional products for use in multiple settings to encourage healthy habits. You can do your part by handing our flu-fighters out at schools, employee and community health fairs, or awareness seminars. People will appreciate your efforts to help keep flu prevention messages easily visible and to bring more awareness to the entire company or community.

Remind everyone about proper hand washing to further stem the spread of germs by providing flu prevention pins and antimicrobial badge holders, along with our hand sanitizers, pocket pal guides, and more infection prevention products. Be sure to also browse our collection of assorted button pins with slogans such as, “I just got my flu shot,” to reward those who go for their shot.

Your wellness efforts will not only potentially change lives, but also save on growing company insurance costs. Keeping employees free of colds and flu is important because when they are healthy and present at work, their productivity and quality of performance will increase. Count on Positive Promotions to help you keep your bottom line in mind—and your brand and everyone around you in good health!