Flu prevention posters from Positive Promotions have been created to encourage people to take responsibility for their health, with advice about infection prevention, sanitizing, how clean hands stop the spread of germs, and more. These attractive and informative educational items are available in sets so you can easily display them throughout hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes, at schools, and in community buildings such as libraries and recreation centers.

Our flu prevention posters are suitable for a variety of audiences, from family and children to seniors, health care workers, businesses/employers, and Spanish language speakers. Each poster displays eye-catching illustrations and easy to understand how-tos and tips on fighting the spread of germs.

Make your health and wellness programs and events more outstanding when you display our boldly designed posters in common areas throughout your facility. We also have infection prevention stickers, buttons, and many other helpful items to promote flu and cold awareness and prevention! Count on us for innovative, high-quality products, a large selection, low prices, and friendly, efficient service.