Promote Effective Flu & Cold Prevention Practices in the Community

Educate the community about preventing the spread of illnesses and infectious germs—and recognize your infection prevention professionals for providing hygienic care. Present gifts, handouts, and other cold & flu prevention resources featuring exclusive germ-fighting slogans focused on taking responsibility for protecting one’s health and promoting your important messages to all ages.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, identifies the period between December and February as peak flu activity in the United States, with the possibility of seasonal flu outbreaks starting as early as October and lasting often until the month of May. Since strains of the flu virus are always changing, cold and flu prevention is more vital than ever for adults and children alike, and doesn't stop after receiving a flu shot.

Use our helpful educational guides, lollipops, or buttons with reminder messages for kids, and more promotional giveaways to stress the importance of vaccination as well as practicing good hygiene every day of the year. Hand out magnets, bookmarks, or stickers during health fairs or awareness seminars to help keep flu prevention messages easily visible. Give out tote bags, pens, or personal care items after patients receive their flu shot to bring more awareness to the entire community. And be sure to remind staff members about safe patient handling and proper hand washing to further stem the spread of cold and flu germs by providing hand sanitizers, pocket pal guides, and more infection prevention products from Positive Promotions, America’s leading supplier of health event and recognition products.