As you plan heart health awareness events during American Heart Month in February or any day of the year, choose from our bestselling posters and other decoration packs to promote your message to employees, patients, and the community. Every year, health care organizations and businesses nationwide supply themselves with heart health posters from Positive Promotions and post them throughout their facilities, in places where they can be most prominently displayed and viewed.

Available individually or in multipack sets, our Heart Month posters feature essential information like heart attack warning signs, tips on heart-smart nutrition, fitness and lifestyle habits, and more. These and many of our other products display exclusive messages such as "Heart Healthy: Loving Every Beat" to remind everyone that they need to take good care of their hearts to ensure the best health possible.

Save lives and promote healthier hearts! With education, motivation, and support, individuals can reduce or prevent heart disease and improve overall cardiac health. Hang our heart health posters and hand out promotional bookmarks, guides, magnets, pocket pals, and other resources focusing on risk factors, risk reduction, and the importance of tests and preventative screenings.