Food diaries, fitness journals, and cookbooks are just some of the heart health tools doctors, nurses, and cardiovascular specialists can provide to the community. Here at Positive Promotions, our educational tools and incentives make indispensable heart health handouts to offer at corporate wellness seminars, employee fairs, university gatherings, and other events, including special Valentines promotions that make great partners with heart-related tools. They're an ideal way to boost awareness of healthy heart activities as well as sharing the message of maintaining good health and proper heart nutrition.

We offer a diverse mix of heart health educational tools and promotional heart health awareness brochures, many of which can be customized with your facility's logo or name. Whether it's stressing warning signs of heart attacks in women and men, blood pressure and medical numbers recorders, heart-healthy recipes and nutrition, or any method of boosting awareness, Positive Promotions is ready to help. With custom heart health tools like pocket pals, slideguides, cookbooks, and handbooks, you'll have all the handouts you need to ensure your organization's message gets seen during American Heart Month and every day of the year.