Positive Promotions specializes in educational and promotional items designed to make people more aware than ever about heart health. February is American Heart Month, an ideal time to schedule heart health activities and awareness events, but any time of year is the right time to provide a better understanding of risk factors and heart-healthy lifestyle habits with our essential heart health products.

More people die from heart disease each year than all forms of cancer combined. Make that statistic central to your Heart Month events and campaigns, since hosting or participating in a wellness fair is a vital and valuable service to provide to your community. Stock up on our heart health essentials to present a wide range of information to individuals and families. From useful giveaways like water bottles, pens, and stress relievers to awareness handouts like lapel pins, hot/cold packs, and bracelets, you can encourage people to make healthier choices and supply the tools to help them achieve their goals—all while promoting your services with terrific heart health products that also educate your audience.