Applaud your team and remind residents and families that you care with personalized nursing home staff apparel. Whether you're holding a National Nursing Home Week® event at your skilled nursing facility, celebrating a team member's birthday, or welcoming new hires, there's so much to choose from to recognize their dedication and caring ways.

Try custom 2-sided t-shirts from Positive Promotions, featuring exclusive recognition designs on the back and your facility's name or logo on the front. From Proud Member of an Awesome Skilled Nursing Team to Our Staff Is All Heart, discover a variety of themes, styles, and appreciation messages that can be worn on shift and off.

We also offer a selection of custom embroidered scrubs to help your nursing team stand out. You can help boost morale, inspire pride, and identify your team with colorful scrub tops and comfortable pants to outfit your nurses and nursing home staff. There are also cushioned socks, year-round hats or sweatshirts, and more apparel choices for National Skilled Nursing Care Week® recognition celebrations and skilled nursing facility events.

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