Help Children Make Smarter Choices

Statistics show 1 out of 3 children in the US is considered overweight or obese, and health conditions such as elevated cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes have increased at alarming rates among adolescents. Educating parents, children, and teachers about the right healthy habits for kids is a key factor to successfully countering this epidemic! Our wide selection of kids nutrition and fitness products includes resources that are developed by experts in the field, to ensure accuracy and to help advance kids' health, wellness, and happiness in your school and community.

For children in your school or community, as well as their families, we offer a wealth of age-appropriate nutrition and fitness materials that help promote your wellness campaigns and Teddy Bear Clinic programs. Positive Promotions is a proud USDA National Strategic Partner and their popular MyPlate program, offering everything from portion meal plates and activities books to bookmarks, pencils, and more. You'll also find fun recreational products for health fairs and school nutrition and wellness seminars, including jump ropes, sports balls, flying discs, and water bottles, all great ways for kids to get out and play, staying active and healthy.

When it comes to nutrition, we are passionate about taking part in the United States Department of Agriculture's special MyPlate program that stresses the importance of proper nutrition and fitness with children and students, as well as adults. Positive Promotions works at providing schools and customers with the promotional nutrition products they need to encourage kids of all ages to have healthy habits for life that are consistent with MyPlate and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Shop the wide variety of promotional kids wellness giveaways we have to educate children and parents about the necessity of proper nutrition and healthy habits for kids to follow. From fitness tools and activities books to stickers, bookmarks, and bracelets, Positive Promotions keeps your kids wellness campaigns and Teddy Bear Clinics in good health!