Celebrate Your Team's Expertise, Service, & Compassion

Promote a positive patient experience and a culture of exceptional teamwork! Recognition products from Positive Promotions help encourage accountability and remind staff that a safe patient experience takes both a team effort and individual commitment. Use our essential patient experience appreciation gifts to reinforce patient-physician communication skills, promote key patient safety issues and goals, and to reward team members for putting patients at ease as well as improving healing and overall satisfaction.

Patient-centered care emphasizes service and compassion. Here you’ll discover a wealth of unique staff appreciation gifts designed to support, encourage, and recognize team members from every area of expertise who consistently demonstrate your core values. We offer a variety of themed slogans to foster a positive safety culture and to praise staff, along with tools you can use to enhance patient satisfaction and boost your HCAHPS scores.

From admission to treatment to discharge, a quality experience at your healthcare facility consistently addresses patients’ physical, educational, and emotional needs. As a healthcare market leader, Positive Promotions is proud to support your efforts to optimize patient- and family-centered care and to build and engage care teams that deliver the safest and most satisfying patient experience.