To promote Child Abuse Prevention Month and child safety, Positive Promotions carries year-round essentials for your community, staff, and volunteers, from lapel pins, stickers, and pens to tote bags, silicone bracelets, and t-shirts. You can distribute these unique child abuse prevention products at schools, PTA/PTO meetings, community centers, health and safety fairs, doctors’ offices, or anywhere children and parents gather.

A popular event for Child Abuse Prevention Month is to plant blue Mylar pinwheel gardens. In 2008, Prevent Child Abuse America introduced the pinwheel as the national symbol of child abuse prevention through their Pinwheels for Prevention® program. Symbolizing childhood happiness and whimsy, these awareness pinwheels can be handed out to students, church groups, and members of social service organizations, as a physical and poignant reminder of the bright futures all children deserve. Children especially enjoy creating pinwheel gardens at schools, churches, and elsewhere in the community to bring attention to child abuse prevention.

In addition to blue awareness pinwheels, you'll find a wide selection here at Positive Promotions of Child Abuse Prevention essentials. During April, Child Abuse Prevention Month activities are prevalent in schools and community groups, public health departments, domestic violence centers, and child defense organizations. We offer important glancers, pocket pals, bookmarks, and slideguides, appropriate for both parents and students to promote positive parenting skills as well as information on warning signs and facts about child abuse. There are also educational activities books tailored for specific grade levels that teach children about personal safety and the nature of child abuse.

For fundraisers and awareness events, as well as open houses at your facility, you'll find a variety of special value packs filled with dozens of decorations and gifts to support the message of Child Abuse Prevention. From pinwheels, magnets, and pens to balloons, buttons, and stickers, there are popular giveaways and handouts for all ages to help you spread awareness of child abuse prevention in your community.