From snacks to meals to drinks, proper nutrition plays an important role in today's society. Cooking food at home, workplace wellness, and school nutrition are all major factors to consider when making smart food choices, practicing portion control, and preparing healthy meals for all ages.

Positive Promotions offers educational nutrition products and valuable resources designed to inspire healthy eating and help both your employees and members of the community make better food choices. You'll find handy cookbooks and calorie counters for those looking to eat smart on the go and on a budget. There's also a wide variety of personalized kitchen accessories, including cups, serving utensils, bag clips, and products with measurement guidelines to support portion control.

Other Nutrition Month essentials include wellness giveaways for health fairs and nutrition programs that will appeal to all ages and all dietary needs. Discover colorful placemats and MyPlate portion plates for children, diabetes awareness products promoting prevention and management, Spanish-language nutrition products, plus portable items like key tags, informational pocket pals, insulated lunch cooler bags, and more.

No matter what Nutrition Month activities your organization is planning, Positive Promotions is here to help. Our personalized nutrition products and promotional tools provide incentives and guidelines everyone can benefit from, covering everything from soup to nuts!

*National Nutrition Month is a registered trademark of the Academy of Nutrition And Dietetics