Positive Promotions can help you do your part to discourage tobacco use and support the efforts of those who commit to quit when you pass out anti smoking bracelets and other products featuring our stop smoking slogans and your custom imprint. Businesses and schools count on us to help them share educational activities books, pencils, and silicone anti smoking bracelets with children and young adults to remind them about the dangers of smoking and stress how bad it is for your health.

We also offer popular Great American Smokeout® items such as Stop Smoking Kits and "Cost of Smoking" Calculators, which you can place in a central location of your facility along with anti smoking bracelets so everyone has access to your message. Encourage your employees to take the items to family or friends if they don't personally need them, whether during anti smoking events at your facility or any day.

Great American Smokeout® is a registered trademark of The American Cancer Society