When looking for cost-effective giveaways in support of child abuse prevention, silicone bracelets are a perfect choice. Here at Positive Promotions, you'll find an essential selection of bracelets for all ages to help raise awareness in the community.

Distribute child abuse prevention bracelets at schools, PTA/PTO meetings, community centers, health and safety fairs, doctors’ offices, and anywhere children and parents gather. True standouts in blue—the color of Child Abuse Prevention Month—they come with special messages promoting safety and standing up for children. We've paired our child abuse prevention bracelets with exclusive safety reminders, and they arrive pre-bagged for quick distribution at school seminars and open houses.

If you're looking for affordable fundraising ideas, as well as cost-effective giveaways such as silicone bracelets, bookmarks, and pens, you've come to the right place! Positive Promotions has everything you need to support Child Abuse Prevention Month, as well as all your important events.