Promote awareness about the dangers of child abuse in a unique way with child abuse prevention t-shirts from Positive Promotions. We offer comfortable short sleeve cotton tees in navy blue, the symbolic color of Child Abuse Prevention, that you can distribute to office staff, health office staff, and counselors. They can wear them on casual Fridays during Child Abuse Prevention Month, or at community awareness fairs to call attention to your message.

Our heart-shaped graphic t-shirt shares important reminders for all who Stand Up For Children, while the No Excuse For Child Abuse t-shirt is an ideal message during Week Of The Young Child, since it inspires everyone to make protecting children a priority. There are also special two-sided t-shirts for team members and volunteers that list important reasons everyone should make it their personal responsibility to protect children, with your personalized name or logo on the front. With no shortage of reminders for all who care about children, trust Positive Promotions to provide the child abuse prevention t-shirts you need.