You have the power to promote good health habits at work with lectures, seminars, fairs, and educational materials that get people motivated to make changes. From weight loss to smoking cessation to meditation, rewarding the efforts of employees can be extremely satisfying. They’ll feel especially proud when you present them with an award like our employee wellness pins, designed to make a big impression.

We carry many employee wellness pins, including jeweled, enamel, and metal styles featuring healthy slogans of praise. These reasonably priced incentives can also be handed out to those who attend your seminars and company wellness meetings, or as impromptu gifts when people are “caught in the act” displaying good habits.

Positive Promotions has everything needed to make workplace health and wellness events a success. In fact, we have the experience and cost-effective products to help you kick off or improve wellness initiatives, whether your staff is large or small. Call or email us for product suggestions and advice in developing your programs.