From employees and volunteers who make a difference at your organization to clients and customers who deserve thanks for all they do, there's always a reason to send a holiday recognition gift. Try our distinctive selection of holiday bags and you can make their season extra-special! Fill the gift tote, lunch bag, or cooler with great gifts and delicious goodies and they'll know just how much you appreciate their hard work and support.

Here at Positive Promotions, we've created a jolly selection that carries your brand everywhere. Unwrap gorgeous gift totes with our exclusive holiday designs, available in multiple sizes for all types of recipients. We also feature lunch coolers and bags that keep meals as fresh as your sentiment, complete with lovely holiday gift cards. Whether you give them as appreciation gifts, use them to hold more festive surprises, or have them on hand at your next conference or event, our holiday bags will help you get a handle on your seasonal campaigns!