Having crime prevention giveaways at your events is a terrific way to draw attention to your services and your safety message. Members of your community and students will be reminded of the importance of staying safe and protecting themselves against crime when they receive a useful and memorable gift from your department.

Here at Positive Promotions, you'll discover a wide assortment of crime prevention products that can be given to anyone who visits your station during open houses, or your space at outreach events and safety fairs. You can hand out colorful magnets with important safety tips and your contact information that can be displayed on refrigerators in the home, file cabinets in the office, or any metal surface. There are also a variety of informational handbooks, glancers, and slideguides that provide guidance for parents and senior members of the community on identity theft, stranger danger, and more crime prevention topics.

For children and students, we offer fun giveaways like bookmarks, custom stickers, reflective bracelets, and heat-sensitive pencils with special safety messages. Also, you can try police car cutouts, replica badges, and laminated tags they can wear as necklaces or attach to backpacks to show off your thoughtfulness to fellow students, parents, and teachers. Whatever crime prevention products you need, you've come to the right place!