September is back-to-school month, and appropriately, National Campus Safety Awareness Month, too. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Raise awareness on your campus among colleagues, faculty, staff, and students with informational pamphlets on relevant topics, as well as promotional pens, whistles, and bags from Positive Promotions.

As the Latin proverb states, forewarned is forearmed, or in more modern terms, knowledge is power. Learn about campus relevant topics like hazing, sexual assault, active shooters, bullying prevention, binge drinking, fire safety, dorm safety, and more with our personalized magnets, stickers, and door hangers. Share these reference items with friends and keep them in the office, residence halls, and dorm rooms.

We also offer a comprehensive selection of Sexual Assault Awareness posters. Each poster features a unique, impactful statement that educates and encourages students to be safe and to take action if they see others in a dangerous situation. These posters, hanging in your campus' high visibility spots such as school libraries, dormitories, dining halls, and common areas, offer powerful messages for students and staff during Campus Safety Awareness Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and all year long.

While September is the official National Campus Safety Awareness Month and April is the official Sexual Assault Awareness Month, it’s important to be informed all year round. Learn about myths, facts, and appropriate actions in slideguides, glancers, and pocket pals. These budget-friendly tools will help increase safety awareness on any campus. We also offer useful products for personalizing such as lanyards, pens, string bags, laundry bags, whistle keyrings, flashlights, and more, with short educational messages promoting campus safety. Be educated and be prepared with custom campus safety awareness items from Positive Promotions. These unique, cost-effective items can help build community and prevent catastrophe. Shop our collection today.