Here at Positive Promotions, you'll find vital emergency preparedness survival tools to help your organization get the message out about the importance of always being ready and staying informed on what to do in emergency situations. Families, employees, students, and community members of all ages can benefit from the wide selection of promotional products found here. You'll find something for every age, as well as every budget.

For the home or office, we offer a variety of first aid kits, hot/cold packs, bandage dispensers, and more. There are also a wealth of valuable resources including glancers, magnets, and pocket pals, all packed with essential reminders, tips, and room to write in emergency contact information. During health fairs or disaster training seminars, hand out these safety products to make everyone aware of what to do and how to prepare in case of extreme weather, medical emergencies, or crisis situations in the home or workplace.

Anyone that travels or drives is also at risk when emergencies occur. Positive Promotions carries a selection of roadside care kits, safety whistles, flashlights and lanterns, key chain lights, and more, each promoting your facility's name or safety message. There are also handy sun care kits, hand warmers, compasses, and other emergency preparedness survival tools that show you care about keeping everyone safe, informed, and ready for any situation.