Connecting with members of the public, students, and citizens of all ages is key to maintaining a safer environment and increasing crime prevention awareness in your neighborhood or town. Positive Promotions offers you and your department all the crime prevention essentials you need to extend your reach in the community, teach children that police officers and law enforcement are their friends, and promote safety messages all year long.

This important selection includes a wealth of tools and resources for open houses, school visits, and outreach events. Hand out informational pocket pals that are perfect for portability, and handy glancers that can easily be kept in view at the home or office. For seniors and adults, we offer essential identity theft products, including mousepads and handbooks, stressing the need to always keep personal information safe. And don't forget the kids! From educational activities books and popular pop-out cars to temporary tattoos and fun police hats, there are a large number of products to help engage the interest of students and youngsters at your crime prevention events.

Take advantage of our money-saving open house kits, which provide a wealth of promotional products and giveaways, while keeping your budget safe. Stock up on giveaways such as pens, pencils, school supplies, and keepsake magnets to not only get your message in the hands of your community members, but they also provide excellent crime prevention tips that are easy to understand. No matter what you're looking for, trust the industry leader for high-quality, cost-effective crime prevention items that help you build a positive relationship with the public and keep each community member safe.