Kids and adults alike will wear your fire safety messages well with these colorful silicone bracelets. You'll find all the fire safety bracelets you need to have a successful event, whether you're holding an open house at the fire station or visiting a school to boost awareness of fire prevention in the classroom and the home to students of every grade level. Safe to wear, they're lead-free and PVC-free, and fit most wrists with ease.

Our silicone glow bracelets are cool giveaways youngsters love. For fire safety events and Halloween fairs, these reflective items increase visibility and help kids be seen at night during trick-or-treating or any nighttime event. They also display positive messages that motivate kids to practice fire safety, as well as tips and reminders on the inside. Choose an assortment pack and you'll have plenty on hand for your open houses and station visits!

We also offer stylish mood bracelets that are popular with children who like seeing the bracelet color change in the sunlight. Plus, our fire safety paracord bracelets make distinctive appreciation gifts for your firefighting team, accompanied by presentation cards that explain The Thin Red Line which represents the courage and sacrifice of firefighters everywhere.