For a great way to enhance your safety training sessions without eating up the company budget, give team members workplace safety treat packs that combine popular snacks with vital safety messages. Each safety awareness treat pack available from Positive Promotions comes with an assortment of recognizable snack size chocolates, candy confections, refreshing mints, or healthy treats for the calorie-conscious.

Treat packs make a fun and creative way to get your safety messages across to any member of the team. Many items in this wide selection come with special presentation cards listing safety tips and motivational themes. Employees can enjoy the snacks inside at lunch, during breaks, or on the go. Great for safety meetings and training seminars, the colorful designs and popular treats serve as great incentives to stay safe no matter what the setting.

Stock up on safety awareness treat packs today to be ready for National Safety Month in June, to welcome new employees, or simply to remind your team how much you care about their safety. You'll also find a selection of treat packs designed in Spanish language to reach even more team members, and reward them for always working safely!