Stuck for a great giveaway idea at your next open house or outreach event? Try the exciting selection of fire safety stickers available here at Positive Promotions! Stickers are a great way to make kids smile as you deliver important fire safety messages. Perfect for schools, fire station tours, and safety fairs, they're budget-friendly and ready to boost fire safety awareness all throughout your community.

You'll find a huge assortment of fire safety stickers to please students and children who visit your firehouse. Handy sticker sheets make for easy classroom distribution, while our variety of stickers-on-a-roll products can be used at open houses to readily share safety reminders and tips. Kids love our vibrant firefighter badge stickers, which they can put on folder covers, create their own sticker books, or wear them since they're apparel-safe. Always a customer favorite, they're fun choices to liven up your fire safety events at a terrific value.

Don't forget to hand out fire safety stickers for the home also, like our reflective locator stickers. Great for seniors, families with children or pets, and disabled individuals, our collection features child locator stickers, pet locator stickers, and "needs assistance" stickers, all with glow-in-the-dark capability for better visibility in case of emergencies.