According to, only one third of households with Internet access are actively using filtering or blocking software to protect their children and limit online access. Considering 96% of teens use social media applications such as Facebook and Snapchat, it's more important than ever to make parents aware of the dangers of surfing the web without proper monitoring.

That's why Positive Promotions is proud to offer an assortment of Internet safety handouts to help parents and adults teach teens and kids about the value and importance of proper online behavior. Our Cybersmart Parenting guide will help parents learn about possible online dangers like cyberbullying and sexual predators. This bestselling guide also includes helpful tips on finding computer-monitoring software and educational web sites geared specifically towards kids.

You can also give parents who attend your community outreach events and Internet safety activities great products from our selection of educational guides and handbooks. Plus, we offer handouts for seniors to guard against identity theft and online fraud. From cyberbullying to sexting to social media, discover all the Internet safety products handouts you need to raise awareness in your community or at your organization.