There's always a reason to reward someone practicing proper safety, whether they're an employee, team member, or youngster. That's why we stock a wide selection of safety awards to help you show appreciation for anyone working safely at your facility or showing excellent safety awareness in the classroom or at home.

For the workplace, you'll find special on-the-spot recognition tokens and premium enamel lapel pins that team members can wear and be proud of their expert safety awareness. You can give them out when noticing proper safety practices, at company gatherings, or during one-on-one meetings.

During school visits, open houses, or community outreach events, you can hand out our vibrant tags, pins, ribbons, and silicone bracelets as safety awards to children and students. Featuring exclusive designs and helpful safety reminders, they can be pinned to clothing, attached to a backpack, or worn around the neck as dog tags, letting everyone know the youngster is a safety star.