Among the most effective community and workplace safety awareness tools and incentives available at Positive Promotions is our selection of safety bracelets. Both colorful and constructive, these bracelets make your safety message portable, getting noticed in any setting.

Boost community safety with reflective and glow bracelets that heighten visibility at night. You can use them to advertise crime prevention and traffic safety or create your own custom message to remind kids and parents about your services and how much you care for their well-being. We also offer cost-effective paper bracelets for promoting stranger danger and other safety issues, perfect for classroom giveaways or open houses. In addition, you'll find paracord bracelets for recognizing team members, as well as snap bracelets that are popular with teens and older students. From safety bracelets to posters, pens, and awards, we have everything you need to wrap up your campaigns right here!