Safety pens from Positive Promotions present a cost-effective, attention-getting incentive that's always on point! From classic click-action pens with safety illustrations to trendy stylus pens that get your messages in the hands of students and children, we have a wide variety of writing instruments to choose from.

Our safety-themed Mop Topper novelty pens are a terrific way to draw attention to your objectives, and are popular with both children and adults. We also carry versatile pens featuring fun shapes, a flashlight or both, accented with helpful safety reminders and tips.

Kids will love our selection of accessories to pair with their new pens or pencils. You'll find fun mood erasers, playful pencil toppers, and practical items such as sharpeners, pencil pouches with safety messages, and more. You can hand them out to youngsters during classroom visits, facility tours, and open houses. However you utilize our safety pens and pencils, rest assured they will keep your campaigns sharp!