As an individual involved in safety and wellness at your facility, you understand the value of finding innovative ways to enhance your safety culture and wellness initiatives. Positive Promotions is here to help! We have what you’re looking for to reinforce and reward positive safety behavior, plus motivate your team to achieve safety and wellness goals year round, with our selection of workplace safety activities products.

Remind employees to work safely by hanging our eye-catching safety banners throughout your facility and wherever you hold workplace safety activities and seminars, featuring exclusive themes such as "There's Only One Way—The Safe Way"; "So Much Depends On Your Safety"; and more. You can also make safety events and training sessions fun and rewarding with the help of our Caught Working Safely Scratch & Win Pack, as well as our popular—and delicious—treat packs.

In addition, we carry healthy behavior incentives ranging from stress relievers to exercise gear to sanitizers, designed to boost participation in workplace safety activities and reward workers who achieve wellness goals. You can even have your safety gifts customized with a company logo or message to make a lasting impression on your team. Whether you need something for activities in June during National Safety Month or for your ongoing workplace safety programs, our budget-friendly products help you motivate staff members to work safely and live more healthfully all year long!