When it comes to educating the community about fire safety in the home, look no further than the valuable fire prevention tools available in this wide selection of promotional products. Choose from a wealth of distinctive items to help your firefighting team share information with students, children, and parents at open houses, station visits, and safety fairs. Add your department name or message with our personalization options to remind everyone you are there when needed.

Browse this page and discover educational fire safety tools such as pocket pals that can be taken nearly anywhere or glancers that are easily displayed for quick reference in emergency situations. We also offer a variety of exclusive grade-specific activities books kids can use to learn about fire safety tips as they promote reading and coloring pages. And don't miss our best-selling locator stickers and fire prevention magnets, designed for adults and seniors to keep handy in the home.

For more than 70 years, Positive Promotions has been supplying customers with unique methods of dispensing safety information, from pocket pals to slideguides to personalized glancers and activities books. Join the many departments and stations that have trusted us to help educate their communities with fire prevention educational tools and keepsake products to raise fire safety awareness.